The greats – Man Ray

Every young photographer begins their career drawing inspiration from the great photographers of the 20th century.
During my time at the London College of Communication, I would mostly be found in either the dark room, toiling over creating the perfect print or voraciously reading through the life and work of my favourite photographers.

One of my favourite photographers of all time, Man Ray  inspired me to push the boundaries of my comfort zone, work exclusively with analog cameras and film, and ‘create’ within the confines of film.

One of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Man Ray dedicated his life to the creation of surreal imagery and was at the forefront of the DADA movement & Surrealist movement with his groundbreaking photography.

It is said that “Man Ray offered artists in all media an example of a creative intelligence that, in its ‘pursuit of pleasure and liberty’, unlocked every door it came to and walked freely where it would.”

One of Man Ray’s styles of photography – multiple exposures – caught my fancy.

Multiple Exposures in the original form were ‘mistakes’ that occurred when the photographer forgot to wind the film forward to the next frame. The outcome of this would be two images exposed on the same frame to create dreamy, mysterious and unpredictable images.
While these image would be set aside as rejected images, surrealists embraced the uncertainty and chance that occurred during the capture of a ‘wrong’ double-image.


Image source


image source

Inspired by this incredible work, I set out to shoot a multiple exposure series of my own with the beautiful Felicity Chrestien
This was a fascinating learning experience for me and I was overjoyed with the outcome!

Channelling Man-Ray was no easy task, but I firmly believe that artists need to constantly push themselves out of their comfort zone to grow- regardless of what stage they are in their career.

© Tanvi MadkaikerFelicity03
© Tanvi Madkaiker Felicity02
© Tanvi Madkaiker Felicity01
© Tanvi Madkaiker Felicity05© Tanvi Madkaiker


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