“We adore chaos because we love to produce order”

M.C Escher

In my 6 years of being a photographer, I’ve always gravitated towards creating visuals that have a strong graphic structure. Without knowing it, I had been consuming the work of the world’s greatest graphic artist M.C.Escher and being inspired by his unique style.
His fascination with high and low, close by and far away can be seen in a lot of his work and I found myself seeking the contrast between chaos & order in ordinary things.

One such instance when the urge to create struck and I found myself wanting to do a visual study in light & shadows.

How we see things is a matter of perspective and the fact that the same thing can take on different forms purely on the basis of how it’s seen was a fascinating insight to hit upon.

The following series is my homage to the great work of Escher who worked with different media to create pieces of art that will inspire generations of artists to explore the potential of form, light and structure.



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