Up in smoke

Once every year I try to revisit my past work to get some perspective and to gain a deeper insight into how my thoughts, ideas and execution have evolved since I first picked up the camera at the ripe young age of 22 (yup, no child prodigy stories here!)

This is a shoot I did back in 2008, one of my first few experiments with photographing smoke using everything DIY.

Not too shabby, eh?

A DIY chart-paper studio and some incense sticks, lit with a table lamp and an external flash and I was ready to go!

Do follow my blog if you’re like me in that you enjoy discovering photography ‘hacks’ (and pretty much everywhere else where hacks are possible!)

The joys of successful ‘jugaad’ are so rewarding!

Want to know how to shoot smoke for yourself? 

Watch this space for the next blog post on the setup, camera settings and technical details.

Until next time!


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