5 tips for better instagram pictures

Every time we look at our phone, we’re consuming vast amounts of visual content that’s being created and published in real time. Instagram, facebook, twitter, snapchat, pinterest, vine, tumblr- the list is endless!

Our personal aesthetic has been fine tuned to the point where we instantly know what images we like and the ones we don’t.

The question is, to hit ‘like’ or ignore it and scroll down onto the next? 

What makes one image more appealing than another?

Whether you’re a photo enthusiast, amateur photographer or you simply want to make better photographs using just your phone, this list is for you!

All images in this post have been shot, edited and posted using the iphone 5s and the iphone 6 only.

1. Use filters *wisely*

Instagram has given us the option to reduce the opacity of filters that we add to our pictures, so we can still use our favourite #valencia without completely blowing out the highlights.

In case you weren’t aware of this, simply double tap on the filter you want to use and a sliding scale for opacity pops up where you can reduce the filter effect.

Bonus Tip: When attempting to shoot bright colourful shots like my ‘feetfie’ shots below, play with the ‘Saturation’ option on instagram to really make your colors pop!

2. Apps are your friend 

There are some truly awesome photo editing apps available for free on the appstore. Here are three of my fav;

  • 360 Panorama– The app allows you to take 360 degree photographs by just spinning around to create a stunning 360 degree panorama of your surroundings. Or you can turn it into a stere0graphic photograph with just one click!
    You’re welcome!


  • Fragment–  Fragment a gorgeous prismatic photo effects app that scrambles parts of your photograph in various geometric shapes and gives you the ability to create a unusual graphic art from your photographs.


  • VSCO Cam– Filters, filters, filters and lots of options for making precise and controlled edits to your images. Download. Now.

3. Miniature hocus-pocus!

So much *feels* for the good people at #instagram when they updated the app with the option to add the tilt and shift effect to make your picture look like a scale model!

As someone who has made tilt & shift photographs using one of these bad boys,

I have to say it’s *slightly* quicker using your phone.

4. Pano-drama

Cultivate the habit of spending a bit more time on each picture. One way of doing that is by shooting a panorama. You’re forced to plan your shot and be slightly patient to make a good pano.

When I shoot professionally, I have to think about the aperture, shutter speed and ISO before I begin to shoot based on what I want the outcome to be. This has helped me plan my shots even when I’m using my phone.
The result has always been very rewarding and the process, super fun.

Make it something you do each time you’re travelling and sight seeing. You will end up with better pictures + a bunch of really cool panorama shots that take your travel photos to the next level.



5. Shapes & Lines ❤

Look out for recurring patterns, parallel line, perpendicular lines, reflections and sharp shadows. These will help you create stark images with graphic shapes.
Diving the frame in half (rule of thirds be damned!) or  slicing the frame diagonally works beautifully in the native square format of instagram. Give it a try!

There you go!
Those are my 5 tips to better Instagram images, TODAY!


I would love to hear about your shooting & editing techniques, please share in the comments below and  Let me know if you have any suggestions! 




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