All about the Bass

As a freelance photographer, I often get to choose the projects I work on. The commercial assignments give me an opportunity to control pre and post production, plan every shot to the tee and come in on the shoot day completely knowing that my exceedingly talented team will aid me in creating exactly what the has been storyboarded. Everyone on set is in the loop as to what’s going to happen and when.

My personal projects on the other hand, are a whole different ball game. There’s a lot of space and time for experiments & happy coincidences.
One such shoot was an early morning portrait session with the incredibly beautiful & talented Naina Kundu.

As an accomplished electric bassist and vocalist, Naina plays a diverse gamut of genres such as Funk, Blues, RnB and even more progressive and adventurous forms of improvisational music.

You can follow her facebook page and subscribe to her youtube channel by clicking the links.

Our shoot took place one warm, beautiful morning in Mumbai. Ideas were shared, styling was planned and the mood and feel of the images was locked down before the day of the shoot.
As a performer and artist, Naina has been photographed a LOT over the years. Needless to say she always kills it!

The Naina that I have come to know has a softer,feminine and sensual side that I hadn’t seen captured to its full potential. When she’s not on stage killing it, she has a more feminine, soft & dreamy persona that I attempted to bring out.  This was my conceptual starting point.

We shot over 4 hours starting at day-break and making the most of the soft magical golden-hour sun light.  After several location shifts, wardrobe changes and  breaks involving cups of Nespresso and photo-reviewing, I can say we had it “in the can”!

Here are the final images, enjoy!

Naina 6Naina 1Naina 2Naina 5Naina 3Naina 4


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