Self Portraits 2013

Hello & Happy New Year to you all!

A lot has happened in the past year- 3 ad campaigns, a shoot that gave me a chance to travel (yay!), teaching my third batch of SYBMM students and a entering a short film for the 48HourFP.

But one thing I didn’t get around to doing last year was self-portraits. So one of my resolutions is to do more of them this year.
It’s a great feeling to have that ‘Oh!” moment when the idea and the execution just click into place and you know you’ve got the shot.

I’ve been lucky to travel and experience 7 cities in the last 3 months, so the process of shooting was pretty much non-stop, everywhere I went!
(My camera was dangerously close to becoming a permanent attachment to my face)

So naturally, the backlog of work came crashing down on me once I had my feet back firmly on the ground in Mumbai and I got buried under GB upon GB of CR2s, DNGs, TIFFs & PSDs!

When I finally got around to looking through my personal lot of photographs, I found a few images and notes for self-portrait ideas I’d had and some of them I had shot while on-the-go too!
So after a few fun hours of geeking out in photoshop, I was able to create the ones that ‘clicked‘!

Here’s the result!




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