Giving DIY a TRY.

One morning I woke up with a sudden desire to try my hand at DIY.
What better than to make your own lampshade, I thought. My room was missing one and I really wanted to cover the sorry little bulb hanging from my ceiling.
So I got down to work- DIY websites always make it look so easy and fun. The verdict- it’s not that much fun if you have an A.D.D addled brain like mine, but with the help of my trusty (and craft-loving) buddy Natasha, it was a piece of cake! (not really!)

After struggling for 4 hours, I finally managed to get the whole thing together. Here’s how I did it.

Step 1: Cut colourful paper & magazine print (pages with colourful glossy fashion spreads work like magic) into equal sized isosceles triangles.


Step 2: Get a paper lantern (pretty easily available- Shop next to Cheap Jack in Bandra is where I got mine) and start sticking the triangles from the bottom up in a spiral formation until you reach the very top. Each layer must overlap the one under it.


Step 3 : Stick a light in it and hang it up! The new lampshade is READY!
It’s kitschy, colourful and a statement lampshade (not to mention a great thing to brag about if you’re a DIY Nerd like me!)


You can make these in any colour you wish! I made my colourful after being inspired by one that was made from scraps of white paper.

You can see it here:
Design Sponge
Thanks for sharing this Stephanie!

Hope you give this a try too!


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