The Professor

It all started with a bucket list. A very cheesy bucket list.

After returning from London in July, I was excited and raring to go, ready to make a big splash in Bombay in the world of photography.
Cold calls gave me warm fuzzy feelings and hot sweaty journeys to media house offices made me feel uber-cool.
That, obviously, didn’t last too long and after what felt like years and years of struggling (read: a month), I turned to my faithful bucket list.
Job opportunities were dry and my list gave me the motivation to push forward in other directions.
Item no #238929 on my list told me I wanted to be a professor of Photography.
A few calls were made, a meeting with the course co-ordinator was organised and I had the job!
Tanvi Madkaiker would be teaching Photography to 60 SYBMM students of National College.
My first lecture was scheduled to run for 3 hours. 40 minutes into it, I ran out of material to talk about.
Awkward introductions and an impassioned speech about the importance of photography in every media related field, is pretty much all I had to talk about.
I can assure you, that is the LEAST fun I’ve ever had despite being the centre of attention. ( 35 odd, sleepy and confused faces staring at you at 9.50 in the morning was never my idea of fun anyway.)
But I survived it.
In the two weeks that followed, I managed not only to get more students to attend, but also to get them excited about their projects.
Assignment number 1 was simple enough, a self portrait reflecting each individual’s personality. (Dropping words like “facebook display picture” aided my cause, but I digress.)
The outcome of the project was fantastic! And it gave me a feeling of fulfilment like I’ve never felt before.
I have 5 weeks left and I secretly wished it would go on for longer.
But hey, that’s one item crossed off my list!
Onto the next!

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