Branding Tanvi Madkaiker Photography

Three years of BMM instilled in me, if nothing else, the importance that branding plays in any business venture.
So obviously, when Tanvi Madkaiker Photography began taking shape, I “hired” my friend Roshnee Desai ( to Brand me.
Back in 2008, I was a happy-go-lucky kid equipped with a snap-happy camera that I thrust in everybody’s face.
That was where it all began.
The unromantic tale of my stumbling baby-steps in the photographic journey that I was to embark upon.
Obviously, branding came before refining my art and Roshnee got cracking on her new project- Tanvi Madkaiker Photography.
She surprised me with a brilliant design and her keen and observant eye and produced this gem.
It worked wonders wherever I handed it out. In Bombay and London.
It’s now 2010 and Tanvi Madkaiker Photography will (hopefully) soon be hitting the news stands in the form of Magazine editorials and Advertising Photography.
So, I felt it’s time for a change and Roshnee agreed.
We’ve been going back and forth through what seems like a million different routes we could take this time around, but nothing’s quite fallen into place.
(I’m quite the fussy client myself.)
The closest I came to deciding what the look and feel of my branding should be is this :
Kitchy, Indian, Colourful, Filmy, Dramatic and Vibrant.
Terribly exciting stuff!

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