My blinkers are off

If there is one thing that just isn’t said often enough, it’s this.

Even if it seems completely illogical to leave your cushy job and the comforts of your home.
It’s a lifetime of experiences squeezed into that little window of time you spend away.
Over the course of the last year, I wondered, at several points in time, whether it was the right decision to move away from home to a country so far away.
To spend so much money and do something that has no guaranteed returns.
To leave a slowly albeit satisfyingly upward moving career graph and the warmth of my soft quilt in an air conditioned room.
To forgo the comforts of 4 meals handed to me while I sat before the TV like a spoilt little brat.
I can only objectively see these as comforts because I’ve spent a year doing my dishes and laundry, cooking for myself and not being asked how my day’s been if I didn’t get out of my room.
You begin to open up to the idea of people living completely different lives from yours. The kind of food they ate, the rules their parents set for them, even their silly little rhymes.
It’s unimaginable how different their lives are. And yet, we all come together and swap stories.
As they say in London, you learn something new everyday!
What a trip it’s been.
From photoshoots to fridays pub nights, I’ve covered everything on my London wishlist. But this city is just insatiable.

We have certain defining moments in our lives in which we feel like we’ve just stepped out of a dreamy haze and had an epiphany. I’ve had roughly a dozen. And I can’t help but feel that it would have been absolutely impossible for me to have this in one of those 12-countries-covering-20-day-euro-trips.

And I can’t even begin to list everything I’m going to miss.
But here’s an attempt.
1. Spontaneous photo shoots
2. The tube
3. My bedroom
4. Ruth & Morna
5. Sainsburys Pizzas
6. Dan and his grumpy store hours
7. Random unplanned night outs
8. Nicking stuff off the street
9. Mid-night bagels on Brick Lane
10. Eloise
11. Adrian
12. The Thai Bar
13. Friday’s useless conceptual studies classes
14. Curling up in bed on a cold night with green tea and an episode of House
15. Rice pops 5 times a day
16. Sitting in the front seat on a double decker for a long bus ride home
17. Becks Lager
18. Hyde Park, Notting hill and Oxford Circus
19. LCC
20. Brick lane
It’s been the best year of my life.
And my life hasn’t even begun yet!

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