Of Plastic sheets, doors and many mores.

The last two days have been rather interesting.

Interesting in that I have not done the thing I am famously known for.
Vegetating, that is.
Yesterday I walked around East London from 2pm to 7pm and accomplished the great task of carrying out a shoot I’d been planning since the day I got here.
I photographed 150 doors of different colours, shapes and sizes.
They’re ready to be printed in a book which will be coming soon to a website near you.
And if that wasn’t enough, I spent the last 6 hours doing a beauty shoot and producing 5 fabulous photographs.
Makeup artists Dionne and Dominika turned out to be absolutely fantastic and Monica-the model played upto the whims of the camera with utmost ease.
Never before, with the exception of that one FNL shoot, have I managed to get so many shots in a such a short period of time.
I reckon that could be my “thing”.
Doing fashion/ beauty shoots really fast.
Tomorrow I will visit Portobello market and Notting Hill.
I’ve watched that damn film so many times, I need to go there once again and get it out of my system!
But for the moment, I’m still reeling with the success of this shoot.
(I probably think it’s awesome because of the 24 hour rule.)
Can’t wait till it’s time the 24-hour-rule stops applying.

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