Wicked Weekend

I must say that in the three months that I have been in London, I haven’t done as much work as I have in the last one month.

First Alexius, then Jo, then Matt and finally Evita and Gabrielle.
A pretty young thing who had promised to shoot with me earlier turned out to be a pretty useless thing as she ditched me last minute.
And she really did do it in style.
No answer to calls and no reply to texts.

But since that incident, I’ve been really lucky!
Alexius turned out to be an absolute delight to photograph and soon became my favourite model and really good friend.
And moreover, she introduced me to Elahe- an extremely talented MUA and a delightful person!

We got along like a house on fire and worked together thrice after that!

With Alexius, I did a few studio shots in black and white, then some beauty shots with gold and blue glitter and finally the on-camera-flash-with-slow-shutter-speed outdoor fashion shots.
They were all so amazing, I was spoilt for choice!!
( I still can’t pick my favourite!)

Next, I photographed Jo, a vivacious young woman with gorgeous curly hair and, much to my displeasure, an affinity towards red lipstick.

We did some fashion shots outdoor which didn’t turn out quite as I had expected.
Then some jumping shots in the hallway and finally some beauty shots with colourful makeup.

Next came Matt’s Borough Market shoot.
Reportage style grainy black and white fashion shot against the backdrop of London’s Borough Market. Bursting with throngs of people out on the street to enjoy the delicious food from stalls
serving every cuisine imaginable.

The photographs turned out interesting.. It was a beautiful sunny day and the harsh light really brought out the contrasts and made the shots look almost exactly as I had imagined!

And finally Gabrielle and Evita.
I met Gabrielle through Model Mayhem and she seemed like a cute kid with an interesting face.
Her accompanying friend, Evita, turned out to be quite the stunner herself..
Both very young and both very eager to start modeling.
They were blank canvasses and that was great because they did as I instructed.
The shoot turned out to be fabulous.
Elahe outdid herself with the make up!

All in all, it’s been a great ride so far!
And now I’m back to editing photos.

Over and out!


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